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The Living Few
The Living Few are a North Dublin based trio consisting of Alan Pepper and Matt Crosbie, Donal O’Donoghue They have been writing as a duo since 2009. They take turns at arrangement, production and programming.

Al, Matt, Donal - guitars, bass, drums, vocals, programming and keyboards
  • The Living Few
Venus Effect
Venus Effect are a 3-piece rock band from the Belfast/Bangor area. Playing a mixture of grunge, indie and catchy hard rock, the band have been recording new music with Into The Fire being the first track recorded.

With plans to release more material and new songs, Venus Effect hope to spread the word and play a venue near you. Venus Effect have also received positive reviews for Into The Fire.
  • Into The Fire
The Alien Race
We are an experimental electronic music collective based in Swords, north County Dublin, Ireland.
Brian Kenealy
Hi there, I'm Brian Kenealy. I hail from Kilkenny but I've been living here in Dublin since the 80's.

Engine Alley was the band that I formed with my brother Canice, and Eamonn Byrne back in 1990. We were a pop/psychedelic/glam rock kind of arrangement signed to Mother Records, a label set up by U2. We released 2 albums and 6 singles and have a few unreleased albums in there too. We had a certain amount of success in the 90's. We toured in the UK, Europe, and the States. Our last release was in 1999 but we still get together for a few gigs every year.

Since then I've been sporadically releasing albums as well as working full time as a Music and English teacher in Mountjoy Prison. My regular fellow musos are all locked up, sadly.
  • Under Construction
  • Hiems Transiit
  • Paradise Place
Five Mile Smile
Five Mile Smile are a 3-piece rock band from Belfast.
  • Brawlin in Belfast
  • Drinkin' All Day
  • Call To Arms
Drummer turned desktop musician from Dublin Ireland. Tracks are various styles.
  • M101
WoodStoneGreen are a collective from North Dublin, Ireland consisting of:

* Patrick "Ditch" Cassidy: Vocals/Blues Harp
* Ian Monahan: Guitar/Bass/Keyboards
* Dermot O'Brien: Guitar
* Gary Nagle: Drums
* Ciara Moran: Vocals

We Built This House is a revolutionary song, penned by Ian Monahan in anger at the financial crash and so called austerity measures put in place in Ireland to pay back the senior bond holders in Europe with crippling results for ordinary people.......... "WAKE UP"!!!! "RISE UP"!!

It reached number 1 in the iTunes Blues chart, and was also used as the title music for an I.F.T.A nominated feature documentary film Skin in the Game by Donald Taylor Black. A proud moment for all involved!

It was written recorded and produced by Ian Monahan at Redwood 30 Studios, Swords, North County Dublin.
  • We Built This House
Local Dublin producer influenced by DJ Shadow and Unkel.
  • The Collection
JJ Treanor
My name is JJ Treanor.

I am a musician from Dublin.
Having played in bands for years I decided to start making my own solo efforts.

I am influenced by many rock and electronic artists.

Anyway, any questions just drop me a line.
  • ATM
Madra are a rock 'n' roll band from Dublin, an intense, tight and solid three-piece. Madra don’t care, they just wanna rock. Madra don’t eat, they just wanna rock. Madra don’t conform, they don’t want you to conform, they don’t want to control or to be controlled. Madra just be Madra. And Madra rock... Each member brings their own diverse and unique styles and tastes in music, but it is the guitar driven, drum pounding, bass thumping rock 'n' roll of the 60's and 70's that shines through their original material.
  • Get Up

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