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Chris Trimble
Christy is a song writer producer from Swords, north county Dublin.
  • Miracle
  • This Is your Life
WoodStoneGreen are a collective from North Dublin, Ireland consisting of:

* Patrick "Ditch" Cassidy: Vocals/Blues Harp
* Ian Monahan: Guitar/Bass/Keyboards
* Dermot O'Brien: Guitar
* Gary Nagle: Drums
* Ciara Moran: Vocals

written recorded and produced by Ian Monahan at Redwood 30 Studios, Swords, North County Dublin.
  • We Built This House
  • I swear I am
  • I swear i am
  • We Built This House
Featuring X
In 2011, five passionate musicians from Drogheda, Co. Louth: Niamh Sharkey, Dara Farrelly, Eleanor Rogers, Sarah McLaughlin and Jenny McKeown, came together to form what can be described as the all-girl rock indie quintet.

Since the release of their debut E.P. in June 2013, at only 16 years of age, the quintet have played a number of gigs and festivals north and south of the country including two sets at Ireland's leading music festival, Electric Picnic. More...
  • Featuring X
  • Wild Love
Drummer turned desktop musician from Dublin Ireland. Tracks are various styles.
  • M101
Ned Farrell
Ned is a singer songwriter from Swords Co Dublin Ireland.His 1st album "Only Just Begun" with 11 original tracks was released in Jan 2016, and he continues to gig in Ireland and also in Spain." One of Those Days" album No.2 released in Dec 2018.
  • One Of Those Days
  • Only Just Begun
  • This Town
Herb Dee
Anti Social Media.

Album 8 is out now - A state of affairs (nefarious as they are)
  • WORKING TITLE: Protest
  • Seminal Cuts
  • Herb Dee - Live at Sin é
  • Hippy New Year
  • As yet untitled
  • Eurovision Celebration
  • Album 8 / Cobwebs
  • Album 8
  • The Ying And The Yang
  • Love Song
  • Dublin Days
  • The Songs On The Radio
Brian Kenealy
Hi there, I'm Brian Kenealy. I hail from Kilkenny but I've been living here in Dublin since the 80's.

Engine Alley was the band that I formed with my brother Canice, and Eamonn Byrne back in 1990. We were a pop/psychedelic/glam rock kind of arrangement signed to Mother Records, a label set up by U2. See Youtube for Engine Alley. We released 2 albums and 6 singles and have a few unreleased albums in there too. We toured in the UK, Europe, and the States. Our last release was in 1999 but we still get together for a few gigs every year.

Since then I've been sporadically releasing albums. Paradise Place in 2004, Hiems Transiit in 2013, Farrago in 2015 and the new one about to be released in 2202. I also work as a full time teacher of Music and English in Mountjoy Prison. My regular fellow musos are all locked up, sadly.
  • Under Construction
  • Hiems Transiit
  • Paradise Place
  • You Must Pretend
  • General Disrepair
  • There's A Town
Mono,Regina ,Luke and Eric
Tracks from the forthcoming Pheonix Flux solo Lp.
P.FLUX features Pheonix on Guitars and vocals. "Crazy"Cousin Daisey; occasional Guitar n stuff.
Dawn;keys n Bv's Jenna Jones;Fiddle bits. Boss Yami;Kit n' perc and Ms Italia Orange Crush on da Bass.
  • #Justsaying
Herb Dee, Rocking Reynolds, and a long litany of beat keepers and session musos
  • Calling God To Arms
  • Cinderella's Tranquilizers

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