Brian Kenealy
Hi there, I'm Brian Kenealy. I hail from Kilkenny but I've been living here in Dublin since the 80's.

Engine Alley was the band that I formed with my brother Canice, and Eamonn Byrne back in 1990. We were a pop/psychedelic/glam rock kind of arrangement signed to Mother Records, a label set up by U2. See Youtube for Engine Alley. We released 2 albums and 6 singles and have a few unreleased albums in there too. We toured in the UK, Europe, and the States. Our last release was in 1999 but we still get together for a few gigs every year.

Since then I've been sporadically releasing albums. Paradise Place in 2004, Hiems Transiit in 2013, Farrago in 2015 and the new one about to be released in 2202. I also work as a full time teacher of Music and English in Mountjoy Prison. My regular fellow musos are all locked up, sadly.
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