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Teeniest is a duo from Brooklyn, New York (USA). Their music is alive with beauty and colorful quirkiness, whether it's a gentle acoustic folkie tune or an all-out electric guitar rock assault.
  • Hold on Till Dawn
Herb Dee
Anti Social Media.

New Album "Société Cosmique" coming Dec 1st 2021
  • Société Cosmique
  • WORKING TITLE: Protest
  • Seminal Cuts
  • Herb Dee - Live at Sin é
  • Hippy New Year
  • As yet untitled
  • Eurovision Celebration
  • Album 8 / Cobwebs
  • Album 8
  • The Ying And The Yang
  • Love Song
  • Dublin Days
  • The Songs On The Radio
  • Game
Silhouette Cities
Silhouette Cities is a powerhouse alternative rock band founded by Phil Saraceno. In its earliest stage, the band started as a studio project. Phil had written a collection of songs that would later become the Objects in Motion EP. Without a band in place at the time, Saraceno turned to his brother Donny to work on the tunes in pre-production. Objects in Motion was recorded throughout 2011 with Washington, DC-area producer Dave Mallen and released in January of 2012.

With the EP gaining momentum locally around DC, a fuller Silhouette Cities lineup began to come together. Drummer Mark Kuczynski (Philadelphia) and Phil played together in the DC area with another band. The two of them teamed up with Bill Gross (also Philadelphia) on bass. A live outfit formed, and the band began to perform in the later months of 2013. Later on in January of 2015, Donny joined the band as rhythm guitarist. More...
  • No Worse for the Wear
The Far North
The Far North formed in 2019 as Lee Wylding (Vocals/Guitar) and Andie Packer (Drums).

The band's ethos is "To go back to a traditional way of crafting songs, where every lyric is wrought out, every drum beat and guitar line is played from the heart. In turn making the songs meaningful and of value. We wanted to make an album which can be played in full at once, rather than just cherry picking the best songs and releasing 10 singles. This approach isn't something at the forefront of popular music in 2020."
  • Branches
Mickey 9s
Anyone who knows the Scottish music scene will tell you that Mickey 9s is one of the most exciting bands to see live. The irreverent 4-piece from Glasgow combines elements of dance, punk and hip hop into a blistering, genre-defying groove that regularly sends crowds into a frenzy.

It all started when four young lads went to see Daft Punk at a music festival and subsequently decided that this was the kind of music they wanted to make. Upon returning home the boys ditched their guitars and bought cheap synthesizers - hoping to join the electronic renaissance that was happening in the UK at the time. More...
  • Modern Kunst
Stephen McLaren
Stephen McLaren
Single: My Heart is Wandering To You
Released: 14th May
Errant Media Records

Errant Media presents Stephen McLaren. From his upcoming sophomore LP, "They Don’t Put Any Money in Your Pocket", Edinburgh’s established solo artist Stephen McLaren is ready to release the second single, "My Heart is Wandering To You". More...
  • My Heart is Wandering To You
Cilay Ensemble
Hello my name Mohamad Ichlas leader of Cilay Ensemble from Indonesia. We make ethnic music with a touch of industrial vibes.
  • BATU
Troy Bentley
Headlock is the title track from the debut album which is OUT NOW!. Pulling influences from Nick Cave to Tame Impala the track is a quirky look at depression, portrayed as the black dog prowling for its prey. The recording features electric guitars run through the hot valves of real amps and daubed with the sound of vintage tape delays.
The Second Single 'High Noon (The Queens of Clubs)' Is an Ode to Excess.

TROY BENTLEY is the solo project of Pete Bentley. Hailing from the Northern Mill Town of Blackburn, I have been the guitarist, keyboard player, backing vocalist and saxophonist in many bands and have been fortunate enough to play with and learn from some very talented artists. I worked for many years with my good friend and local legend Ian.H from the band ‘Bradford’ (https://www.facebook.com/BradfordTheBand/) who are soon to release their first album in 30 years with new member and producer Stephen Street. With Ian we self recorded an album as ‘Acoustic Uprising!’ which was my first serious attempt at music production. More...
  • Headlock
Pamela Sue Mann
An accomplished artist, Pamela forged her signature ethereal art-pop style with her self-titled album in 1999. She has since worked with the likes of Suzanne Vega, Gerry Leonard, and David Carbonara. Her recent collaborations with pop music icon Donna Lewis and internationally-recognized composer, producer David Baron (Michael Jackson, Bat For Lashes) are now available here.
  • Break
  • I Want Your Soul
Diabology are a teenage thrash metal band from Los Angeles, CA.

Jesse Bergen (guitar and vocals)
Jack Kleinman (guitar)
Joseph Mazisyuk (bass)
Matthew Morales (drums)
  • The Softest Grave
  • Nobody Believes Me

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