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A very Semi Solid Saturday

Ladies and gentlemen, the avid followers amongst you will be noticing things changing on the site. Yes you guessed it, we are selling out and making it easier for you to listen to the roster.

I read recently on twitter the quote that "Steve jobs and Spotify didn't kill music, but they killed the appreciation of music".

I would tend to agree, especially when it comes to the artefact of an album. A movie isn't one five minute scene and a book isn't one ten page chapter, so why have we come to accept a body of music as being one disposable 3 minute listen with nothing to continue with?

I think my argument here is more directed at the 'market' rather than the artists. An album takes you on a journey, a Spotify editor's pick doesn't. Speaking of which, we have created a new Editors Picks section on the home page. These are recommendations from us as opposed what we think will bring in the most revenue....

So kick back and put an album on from one of the artists on our station!

Herb Dee

Date added: Sat, 06 Feb 2021 12:43:28

Saturday night at the movies
Who cares what picture you see...

Thank you Ian and Steve for welcoming me into the fold. Yes its Saturday night and there aren't any pictures anymore. With covid, Its bing watching TV and dreaming of a time when you can sit in a bar with a group of friends without worrying about respiratory failure.

If you are fed up of season whatever of whatever and you want to relax with an audio backdrop, click on the playlist here and take a trip through the semisolid archives. If you feel compelled to show some love to any of the singers and musicians here, give us a ping on twitter. If you want to join us and add your music to the semisolid archive, you are more than welcome.

With the opportunity to blog for SSR comes the opportunity to get political, but I will leave you all with this...

Q: Why should you never play chess with a pigeon?

A: Because no matter how clever and thoughtful you are in the game and no matter how considered your moves are, the pigeon is just going to strut around on the chess board with his chest out, defecating everywhere

Herb Dee

Date added: Sat, 23 Jan 2021 21:25:23

The site blog is back...
...and we have a new blogger, Herb Dee. You'll no doubt have noticed that Herb's outstanding songs and vids have been featuring prominently on the site this past while.

Over to you, Herb :-)

Date added: Sat, 23 Jan 2021 15:47:51

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