Here you'll find all sorts of free, originally composed music for your auditory pleasure. Our mission is to provide an easy to use distribution platform for independent artists, so they can promote their songs to the widest possible audience with a minimum of hassle.

So, yeah, the site is now set up the way Ian and Steve originally intended it to be. Everyone that joined the site in the past or joins it in future is now free to upload their own songs and pics, and link it all together with a set of easy to use forms. You can't really make any mistakes (not of the permanent kind, anyway). So get crackin' with that Upload link over there to your left. Just in case... if you think you've made a bit of a mess and need us to fix anything for you, please shoot us an e-mail at the address below with details.

Anyways, enjoy the music! Contact us at:

Site news:

Content Creation Guide: De Video
Since the Content Creation Guide can at first look like an insurmountable wall of text to artists trying to put their music on the site, we've created a 'quick start' video tutorial to supplement the HTML version. Normally it's only available when you're logged in, but what the heck...

Content Creation Guide: De Video

Note that we've also recently added a Tips & Tricks page. Only a few tips so far, but more to come.

Date added: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 15:45:33

Brought back the blog... we can notify our listeners of things that are happening on the site, announce new features, etc.

One feature we're planning to add shortly is to allow comments on albums. We had originally thought that in these days of ubiquitous social media, comments on the site would be superfluous and you'd all be sharing stuff via Facebook and Twitter. That hasn't really eventuated, but we'll leave the social media buttons there for a while, just in case :-) We're also figuring out how to add a 'like' button for each track in way subtly different to how Facebook does it so they won't be tempted to sue us.

Another thing you may have noticed about the site is that every song now has its own QR code. It contains a link that loads the player directly with that album/song - another great way to share songs you like with your friends.

Date added: Sun, 30 Jul 2017 14:34:10
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